Depending on the nature of the project, you may require a structural engineer to design and certify all structural elements. You may need SAP calculations (energy efficiency) and an EPC (energy performance certificate). New buildings and some building conversions will require air-tightness testing to ensure that appropriate rates of air infiltration are achieved (for energy efficiency and ventilation). Sound tests will be carried out upon completion to measure the performance of acoustic insulation (airborne and impact sound).
We’ve built up a good relationship with a network of professional consultants over the years, and work closely with trusted structural engineers, energy consultants, and land surveyors. Your project may need one or more of these services, and in such cases we’ll obtain a fee quote for your acceptance prior to instructing any work. We’re just as happy to work with your own choice of consultants if you prefer.

We work closely with several builders and companies in the construction industry, but not all of them are on this list. If they're not listed below it doesn't mean that we don't recommend them, it's more likely that we just haven't got round to adding a link yet.