Where to start

Give us a call or email to tell us about your project and we’ll arrange a free consultation, usually on site, to discuss it in more detail. We’ll give you a no-obligation fee quote, and an indication of what you can expect to pay for council application fees, and other anticipated costs such as a structural engineer.

We prefer to work on a fixed-fee agreement, rather than a percentage of the build cost. We see no reason why our price should vary depending on which builder’s estimate you choose.

Using a house extension as an example, once you’ve accepted our fee quote we’ll carry out a measured survey of the property, then prepare drawings of the existing floor plans and elevations. From these, we’ll draw floor plans and elevations showing the proposed work and issue them for your comments and approval. Once the design has been finalised we’ll lodge a planning application on your behalf, acting as your agent.

Once any planning issues have been resolved, we’ll start work on the building warrant drawings. This involves adding detailed information covering every aspect of the work, to ensure compliance with building regulations in terms of safety, thermal and acoustic insulation, structure, fire resistance, and so on.

Once the building warrant has been issued, you are free to start work on site. We are happy to recommend builders and offer guidance throughout the construction process.